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Ken Burton

The Ken Burton trail is finally re-opened after years of being closed after the station fire devastated the Angeles National Forest in 2009.  The Mount Wilson Bicycling Association and CORBA did an amazing job of getting the trail back in shape.  It was a monumental task to get the trail restored to some kind of usable form.  Countless hours have been put into restoring Ken Burton as well as the Gabrielino trail, which was needed to connect everything back into a loop. This quote from CORBA shows the scope of what needed to get done: "In reality, the project started long before last fall. In 2013, we scouted the Gabrielino trail north of Paul Little campground, up to Oakwilde campground and the Ken...

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Radavist love for our homage kits

"Los Angeles’ Superdomestik has recently relaunched their brand to include 6 new kits, three of which are homages to the looming mountains that tower over the Los Angeles skyline: Mt. Wilson, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Disappointment." The Radavist!

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superdomestik kits featured in bicycling mag

from folks from súpərdomestik have been turning to vintage punk and hip-hop for inspiration. “First there was Guns of Brixton, then there was Whitelines and Rapper’s Delight. We are pretty much moving through some of the best music the past few decades. I hope they’ve been listening to some Dead Kennedys.” Current designs are sold out, but there’s more coming soon.

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